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June 09, 2006


Ryan Sawhill

Awesome. So awesome. John, you and your business rock.

Ian Monroe

Just to be clear, this isn't in Amarok and its kind of unclear whether and when it will put in. The screenshots certainly look awesome though. And I like the sound of the "partner id". :)

Isn't providing a unsecured method at all a bad idea?

John Buckman

Yes, that's right, it isn't embedded in the amarok that ships, but is an additional thing one can install and add.


John Buckman

Some followon questions I've received:

how does the username/password to access the download location work? Is it simply http authentication, or is it more complicated?

It is http-auth (ie, simple web authentication).

I can't find any information on how it responds. Specifically, what xml tags, etc. does the page return when you've successfully purchased an album? What about if the credit card gets declined, or the information is wrong?

I do need to document that, but I think you'll find it extremely self-evident. Errors cause an tag and error description to come back, otherwise on success you get fairly obvious fields cleanly separated by <fieldname>XML descriptors</fieldname>.

Is there a URL I could eventually test it with (i.e. dummy album sku or something)?

In my reply email to you, if you ask for a partner ID, I'll give you a test credit card number you can use to test purchasing anything you like.

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