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March 28, 2007


Glenn Blinckmann

There is another factor of digital music player (DMPs) that contributes to the promotion of classical music. DMPs don't limit you the 3-minute "pop" songs that were created to fit on 78's and 45's. (Yes, I'm old enough to remember those!) Having one song that lasts for 20 minutes works out fine now. Even CD's had a limitation in that you had to still buy 60 minutes worth of music. Music in all genres was forced into 40-70 minute chunks that were sold as LP's or CD's. DMPs (and digital music in general) removes this restriction.

Peter Körner

In fact sharing MP3s over the internet delivers a real cool way of sharing. When I find sth. interesting (like this article), i send links to some friends which I think are interested too. Same thing with MP3s or even vids. So spreading the word is so much easeyer and so much more effective than in the "real live".
Against the common meaning of some "older people" (from my view -- I'm 19) the internet and the real world has somhow melt together. What i see, learn and hear here, I reuse, discuss about and look after in the the real world. So beeing well-known on the internet is not far away from beeing well known in reality.
Beeing represented on the internet is, today, a major point of beeing known by the youth.

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