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April 28, 2008


Nikolaj Hald Nielsen

I am really excited to be working for John. Partly because I get to spend some of my time on a project, which previously was my hobby, but mostly because John really "gets it" about many tings such as free software and free culture which are close to my own heart.

Oh, and the shameless plug: The next major version of Amarok will take the Magnatune integration to a whole new level! :-)


thanks. i am looking forward to improvements in rhythmbox. also thanks for sorting out the ogg previews in rhythmbox.

ps: i dug the story http://digg.com/linux_unix/Magnatune_store_raises_money_for_amarok_and_rhythmbox


Wonderful! Just by reading this and Nicolaj's post about it I decided to try it out and it works like a charm. Keep up the good work (or like Neil Young would say: keep on rocking in the Free world)!


John, here's a Songbird add-on for interfacing to the Magnatune store via Songbird


steve (an enthusiastic Magnatune fan)

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