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June 24, 2009


Ivan Ilic

I've already listened to 3 great new songs; normally I never would've thought to choose their respective 'genres'. What a great idea.


It is a great idea! And I like that idea, but not the way it looks. It takes up an entire screen. I find the tile effect of the photos discomforting and objectionable - makes my head hurt. Is it possible (just giving out ideas here) to make it small and lite, looking sort of like the way the old winamp looked (and I mean OLD like version 2.64) and given the ability of being on top of the other windows and movable on the desktop? All that twitter, facebook and other garabge icons actually distracts from the music. Sorry, I don't mean to offend, but it is diamond in the rough. It has tons of possibilities (please don't add a clear dome, fins, and a fox-tail like Homer did to his brother's new automobile :) ). Good, no, great luck to this project.


Hmm, this player seems to be gone now. Would have liked to take a look at it again, because I can't really remember what it was like. Ah well, my Magnatune Player has a "Play Random Album"-button and I've actually already found some music I like through that.

@Ivan Ilic: You can install my player in Google Chrome as an app, which makes it a window without address bar and such. Using a good operating system (Linux or *BSD) you can make *any* window stay always on top. Maybe there are tools made by some hackers for that under Windows/Mac OS X? And when you hide the collection my player very much looks like Winamp 2 or 5 (which I also loved back when I used Windows).


[end of shameless plug]

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