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September 08, 2009



that just leaves the openmoko phones.


I'd sure LOVE a Squeeze Network App [http://www.logitechsqueezebox.com/apps/overview.html] so I could listen to streaming music on my Squeezebox from Logitech.

John Buckman

A squeezebox interface already exists, see this blog entry:



Likely the reviewer of your app didn't pay close attention, and thought you were a competitor to iTunes. You are not - you sell your own catalog!

I say keep submitting it and yelling at them when they reject for that reason.

There's lots of people complaining about application rejections over inconsistant/trivial/wrong/stupid reasons.


Plans are for my next phone to be android. I'll keep an eye out for this app.


How superb! Many thanks to Evan and John for making this possible.

The Android app is superb - simple, attractive and fast - a pleasure to use. Highly recommended.

Magnature ("Why Magnatune are not evil") + Google ("Do no evil") = Android App (the very antithesis of evil!). By contrast, I can't say I'm surprised about the Apple rejection.

Thorbjørn Kühl

Is this app available for the HTC Tattoo with its smaller screen? And will I be able to take advantage of my lifetime download membership to either listen without the spoken interruption after each number or download for free?

Devices with small-class screens, however, will only be shown apps which explicitly declare (via the AndroidManifest) that they will run properly on small screens. In our studies, we found that “squeezing” an app designed for a larger screen onto a smaller screen often produces a bad result. To prevent users with small screens from getting a bad impression of your app (and reviewing it negatively!), Android Market makes sure that they can’t see it until you upload a new version that declares itself compatible.
ulf r.

how about maemo 5? the nokia n900 is a lot about freedom, community and all. i would love to have a magnatune app on my mobile. there is already a jamendo-app. i think it could be nice starting point for developement. but i need to get a plan :) website works, too.

John from Magnatune

re: "what about the maemo 5"

We actively support the Amarok music player for KDE, and it has an excellent Magnatune experience -- you can play the entire Magnatune catalog as if it were local.

I'm told Amarok is being ported to Maemo 5 so that'll how Magnatune supports the Maemo.



Thanks for the Android app. Hoping not to push my luck, any plans for a Blackberry version?


Yes, I would love a Blackberry app :)


Excellent, I will definitely be using this!


When i choose an album to play, it just plays one song and then stop.

Why doesnt the player go to the next song ?

I m running this app on Android 1.6


The app is super, it's nice to finaly have my MagnaTune in my pocket. Would like to be able to input the data for my download membership and be able to download for free. Would also be nice if it didn't stop playing if you rotate your phone.


I'm trying to get this to work on my HTC Hero, but nothing doing. It won't download info for any of the categories and won't perform a search. Oh well, will keep trying.


Anyone knows if there will be sometime a symbian s60 app for Magnatune??


i tried out the app on a generic android 2.1 phone.
some albums/artists are missing... one artist i had just listened for 3 albums on my computer only reported 1 album available via the app... how much are the usual time delay for update of such infos ?
also how can i set up my login and password of my membership on the app ? sorry if i'm dumb

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