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September 07, 2009


Eric Redlinger

really looking forward to this!


If 3g speed is limited to 64k, why not use ogg instead of mp3? It will sound better, the iphone hardware can certainly handle it (you can include the codec in your app if necessary), and it promotes freedom.


That are some great news! Thanks for the app and one question - would it be a problem to make tracks downloadable? I'm sometimes off the Wi-Fi network and to be able to download tracks I want to listen later would be just awesome.

John from Magnatune

re: 3g, why not using OGG

We definitely want to use OGG to save bandwidth, and I made 24bit OGG files of all our music to test the audio quality, and found it to be significantly better than 64k mp3s (free playback on Amarok on Linux uses them, BTW).

However, the programming interface for the iphone makes streaming HTTP into an mp3 player fairly automatic, as the iPhone does the mp3 decoding for you.

So, to do OGG playback we have to a) port the OGG toolkit to the iPhone, and b) do OGG decoding to WAV internally, which is both a bit more work, and a concern about CPU and battery life, since the iPhone has so optimized mp3 playback. It's all doable, but I wanted to get the app approved and used by people first.


re: ability to download later

If you want to listen to music w/o a 3g or wifi connection, you should simply download music (either buying it or with a membership) using your computer and sync to your iPhone with iTunes.



Thanks John for answering. The whole idea of Magnatune i think is that you can actually listen music prior to buing it. But sometimes you're out from network or have very limited amount of data transfer rate (happens in Poland, where I live, that's why streaming via 3G is so painful for us). So that was the source of my question. I love Magnatune and it would be a a grat help for people with limited data plans to just download sample music from your service, listen to it wherever happens and to decide to buy it or not. Thanks and keep the good work!

Asgeir S. Nilsen

Could you make 64k or 128k configurable? Not everyone are tied to a rotten network operator you know.

As for OGG, Spotify was able to do it. AAC / AACplus is also an option which might be natively supported.


Your master recordings are in 24 bit?! Any chance of releasing 24 bit flacs? I have no idea how I'd listen to them (I don't have the hardware for it) but I'd figure something out.

Sanford Lewis

Great news!I'm looking forward to publicizing it to iphone-using friends via Facebook.

Brian Levinsen

If Apple contiunes giving you headache you could also release it on Cydia for jailbroken iPhones, with the added benefit of people being able to put the app into the background while checking mail or browsing the web.
I do this currently with Spotify.


I'd like to see a PalmPre App for consuming magna-tunes.

Justin Bianco

I just downloaded the app this morning- it looks fantastic! Thanks for all the hard work.

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